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Do You Ask for Blogging Help?

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Ego serves as your biggest blogging enemy. Ego rarely if ever asks for blogging help, especially when blogging help is most needed.

Bloggers who allow ego to call the shots rarely if ever ask for help until it’s too late. Being too deep in a blogging hole of struggle and failure almost always results in quitting. Wise bloggers nudge their ego to the side, humble themselves and ask for help.

Ask for blogging help if struggles arise. Be open.

Why struggle for hours, days, weeks, months or years? Blogging help awaits you. But asking for help is the first step to receiving blogging help.

How can you get blogging help?

Digging deeper, some help comes in the form of courses, eBooks and coaching services.

Do you freely invest money in premium help? How quickly do you make money excuses if someone offers you helpful premium content?

Observe your campaign in the light of truth. Being honest with yourself marks the turning point of your blogging career.

Struggles signal that you need blogging help. Stop believing that you know the reason for your struggles because if you truly knew the reason you would solve the problem and not struggle. You would have solved the problem days, weeks, months or years ago, dissolving your problems.

Admit that you do not know the reason for your blogging struggles. Start at this point. Research solutions to your struggles. Ask for help. Ask around. Email pro bloggers. Ask pro bloggers for help on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pros know how to help but you need to ask pro bloggers for help. Nothing happens passively. Pro bloggers maintain busy schedules.

No established pro blogger cold pitches amateur or struggling bloggers and offers blogging help out of the blue.

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Why you shouldn’t resist asking for blogging help?

Asking for help seems to be ego tuition on your pro blogger journey. Ego resists asking for help because ego claims to know the reason for your failure. But ego creates carefully designed blind spots ensuring your failure and preventing your success online.

Never trust your ego because ego sees blogging through pinholes of struggle and failure. Open up. Put your ego to the side.

Ask for help from seasoned, professional bloggers. Pros steer you in the right direction. Ask pros for guidance. See the blogging world through their eyes. Allow pro bloggers to open your mind to increased possibilities.

Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but becomes easier if you listen to pro bloggers who know how to succeed.

Pay close attention to counsel from pro bloggers. Allow these leaders to ease your blogging journey and save your blogging career.

Stop claiming to know the answers to your blogging problems. Allow pros to supply the answers to your issues.

Pride Precedes Your Blogging Fall

Bloggers foolishly prop themselves up with poisonous pride guaranteeing their blogging fall. No blogger goes pro listening solely to their ego counsel.

Professional bloggers remain open to blogging advice from experienced bloggers. Pros possess enough wisdom to develop an open-minded frame of mind teeming with abundance, opportunity, possibility and help.

Struggling bloggers pride themselves on being close-minded, knowing the way and doing everything on their own.

Lone wolf bloggers die a quick online death. Bloggers who roll with a wolf pack put their pride to the side, ask for help and observe the power of community increasing their blogging success exponentially.

Ask for help through these simple ways:

  • Email pro bloggers questions
  • @reply pro bloggers questions on Twitter
  • Message pro bloggers questions on Facebook
  • Invest money in eBooks, courses and coaching offered by pros to proactively get help

Why would you choose to struggle for any sustained period of time? Get help. Ask pros for successful blogging advice to solve your problems.

Blogging gets easier if you solve your problems by asking professionals for help.

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