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Benefits of Twitter: How Your Business Can Gain and Grow

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Twitter is a very popular service that allows its users to communicate quickly and easily with other people. It’s easy, fast, and fun to use. It’s also useful for businesses to spread the word about the brand, connect with customers, and grow.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media network and a microblogging site that lets people share information very quickly and easily with their friends, colleagues, and others.

It’s also great for networking, as you can send your updates straight to your followers or friends so they can read them later. 

Businesses are also active on Twitter, publishing thought leadership content, posts about products and services, and earning trust from customers.

Why do people use Twitter?

People use Twitter for many purposes. Both businesses and individuals are active on this popular social media channel.

Twitter is typically used for:

  • Keeping in touch with friends or co-workers
  • Staying informed about events that may impact you personally or professionally
  • Identifying new companies to connect with in your industry
  • Tracking news and rumors on what’s happening around the world
  • Finding mentors and sponsors who can help your business ideas develop further
  • Uncovering customer insights
  • Developing thoughts leadership
  • Creating partnerships and business relationships

This list barely cracks the surface of the benefits and uses of Twitter. You can even build your platform on Twitter and turn it into a revenue source.

Twitter is even a popular social media earning platform where people can easily share content with others and earn from it.

The channel even created a “Super Follow” option that allows creators to charge for premium access to their content.

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The sharing of information is simplified on Twitter, and you can quickly grow your following from zero to thousands if you play your cards right.

Twitter provides a channel through which you can share information fast and efficiently. You can create accounts in no time and then manage them easily to boost your personal brand or grow your business.

With all this in mind, let’s dig a bit deeper into the benefits of Twitter as they apply to your business.

Cracking the benefits of Twitter for your business

Generate useful customer insights

Every second, on average, Twitter receives 6,000+ Tweets. This demonstrates how actively people use the channel as a discussion platform.

These discussions can also be a valuable source of customer knowledge and insight for businesses using a little social listening.

Twitter can help you uncover trends and topics important to your audience and inform your communication approach and the types of content you publish. This way, you can have a more significant impact when you publish on the channel.

Increase brand personality and awareness.

One of the most significant benefits of Twitter for business is the ability to share information and initiate conversations with your target audience quickly.

If you keep your audience fed with insights, news, and tips that they can benefit from, you’ll find your content gets shared, and your brand awareness grows.

To increase your ability to boost your brand, use a tone that is consistent with your brand’s personality and voice.

The types of discussions and topics you post about, as well as the tone of your Tweets, will help you attract an audience who shares your viewpoints and will be more likely to be interested in your products or services.

If you’re just starting or need to refresh your strategy, Twitter recently released an Organic Tweets starter kit worksheet to assist brands in establishing their tone of voice.

Create a brand community.

One of the major benefits of Twitter for brand community building and cultivation is the ease of verbal exchange between consumers.

Brands can use the platform to initiate and participate in relevant conversations, collaborate with their community, and grow a loyal fan base.

The key is to post content that starts conversations. Pose questions. Publish polls. Ask your followers to post content with your branded hashtag. Then get involved in the conversation.

Semrush does a great job of this. The brand posts insightful comments and often poses questions that get the brand’s followers moving and engaged.

Here’s an example of a post from Semrush that you can follow as you leverage Twitter to build a community around your brand.

Express yourself and build your personal brand.

Twitter is also a great place to express who you are and build an impressive personal brand. For businesses, this is important because people tend to connect on a deeper level when a brand’s leadership team is transparent.

Granted, sometimes being too open on Twitter isn’t a good thing. Look at the recent backlash against Elon Musk.

That said, many CEOs and other high-level folks within companies have built a solid personal brand on Twitter, and it’s ultimately benefited the company they work for.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, has a bright and brilliant presence on the channel. With 5.8 million followers, Legere’s active presence not only promotes him as a thought leader, but it also engages current and potential T-Mobile customers with positive, engaging, and informative content.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is another excellent example to follow. Like Legere, Cook doesn’t talk a ton about the brand. It’s implied in his presence, but his Tweeting is more genuine and helps make a deeper connection with his 13.8 million followers while also boosting the Apple brand as a product of his efforts.

Get you Twitter on and grow

Twitter has proved to be a potent tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Whether used by celebrities, companies, politicians, or your neighbor, the popular social media channel provides instant communication and information sharing with anyone in the world.

Growing your brand with digital marketing

Your brand can gain customer trust and build a loyal following when used correctly. Your team members can also use the channel to grow their personal brand while also growing your company’s brand.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Twitter. Get started today. Play around with different features and functions, put a strategy in place, and start rolling along.

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