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1 Stark Analogy for Trying to Blog Solo

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I woke up to a potentially stunning view one day during a trip to Turkey.

Majestic, snow-capped mountains spoiled me in the distance.

But one morning I decided to capture a photograph through the screen window in my bedroom.

I simply could not focus. The image appeared to be blurry.


Each little rectangle of the screen chopped up the photo. Each little seeming square rendered the gorgeous image behind the screen to a fairly difficult to perceive blob.

What was once a beautiful whole – or quite spectacular – became a blurry, not too great picture behind the prism of separation.

Think about it guys; the separate parts spoiled the beautiful whole.

I walked up to the roof to appreciate the genuine beauty of these peaks not unlike the Swiss Alps. My eyes feasted on the staggering beauty because I perceived the image as whole, complete and full, as it truly was.

No screen with its hundreds of tiny, separate squares chopped up the beauty into a blob-like, unclear, mediocre mass unworthy of viewing.

Consider Your Blogging Career

Do you try to do everything solo?

Most bloggers do their best to be blogging lone wolves. Write a post. Publish a post. Share it on social media. Stop blogging for one week. Nothing happens. No traffic finds your blog. No income finds your bank account. No comments register on your blog.

Naturally, even though disappointment burdens your shoulders like a 1,000 pound yoke, you repeat the same process next week. Publish a blog post. Drop links. Wait for nothing to happen.

The following week you try to do everything on your own once again. As always, you see no traffic and certainly no sales.

Until you figure out that trying to blog solo is like viewing life through a separated, divided lens, identical to viewing a mountain through a screen window, you will get a blurry, unclear and disappointing view of scant blogging results.

Do you want blog traffic? Train your mind to see the whole. Training your mind to see the whole instantly turns a competitor into friend and co-creator. NOW you are cooking! 

NOW you will slowly but surely see a clearer, more whole, gradually beautiful picture because you understand that together we can do everything and solo we can do nothing. 

Get Connected

Thriving, professional bloggers get connected by helping fellow bloggers.

I wrote this guest post for Anthony because doing so helps both of us and you. Picture me, Anthony, and you rocking readers working together to tap into our wholeness.

What happens as we continue to help each other? Our collective image of life becomes more happy, freeing, crystal clear and quite beautiful. For bloggers, this means increased blog traffic and blogging income, on a worldly level. Going pro involves creating helpful content and collaborating freely for a sustained period of time.

Get connected. Collaborate. Stop blogging solo. Stop looking through a divided, separated screen. Cease viewing a blurry, uninspired image of failing blogging results.

If YOU have zero traffic, start helping an increasing number of OTHER bloggers to be whole. Two bloggers guest blogging for one another gain exposure in front of each audience. That’s it. That’s how to get connected.

Proceed to comment genuinely on 5, 10, or 20 blogs today. Collaborate. Build more relationships with thriving bloggers. 

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Walking to the Roof for the Clear Image of Success

I walked all the way up to the roof to get a clear, breath-taking image of the mountain.

You will need to work (walk up to the roof) patiently to collaborate with enough bloggers for a clear, freeing view of increased blog traffic and blogging income.

No one succeeds solo. Teamwork makes the blogging dream work. But building a team of like-minded bloggers who help one another requires work, time and a willingness to put your needs to the side in order to gain trust.

Most bloggers and humans struggle in life by seeing the world through the screen of separation. All looks apart, divided and unclear. Life seems blurry, depressing and even scary.

Highly successful bloggers collaborate to remove the screen, to see the whole and to enjoy the fruits of working with bloggers versus against them.

Lesson Learned Painfully

You know me by now.

I enjoy being transparent.

Blogging From Paradise stalled for various stretches because I perceived life through a separate screen. But slowly deciding to see the whole by collaborating with bloggers via guest blogging, genuine blog commenting and organic cross promotion opened my blog to increased exposure.

The lesson of painfully pushing my SELF forward felt burdensome. But collaborations removed the pain. Pressure lifted. Blogging friends generously gave me access to their audiences because I decided to help both bloggers and their communities with posts like this.

Be Patient

Be a patient collaborator. 

Clearer images of blogging success come into form organically because training your mind to remove the screen of competitive separation for a prospering whole requires time combined with a willingness to face your fears.

I panicked so many times during this process I could have been the poster boy for sitting in a theater watching the most ghoulish horror movie.

Wading through this discomfort revealed how co-creating allows my blogging friends and their communities to shine the spotlight on my blog.

 Everything works out in the long run if you patiently shift from a solo act, separated blogging strategy to a team mentality focused on tapping into the whole.

We can do amazing things together as one.

Collaborate Today

Collaborating right now is as easy as tapping a retweet button.

Or share this post on Facebook.

Or publish a genuine comment below.

Each step is so mind-numbingly easy yet the ego will try to make each easy step difficult, painful and highly uncomfortable.

For example, you probably fear dropping a genuine comment for the fears of wasting time, being criticized or flat out being shy. Each fear forces you to view the world through a screen of separation. The view ain’t so hot.

But when you decide to collaborate with Anthony and I you will discover the power and clearer view of the whole.

Both of us can help you and you can help us. You can also help all other readers here. Imagine the power of a blogging community dedicated to actively helping one other?

Talk about mind-blowing potential!


Stop ignoring fellow bloggers. Do not work against them. Each strategy makes blogging difficult.

Help bloggers. Work with them. Collaborate. This strategy makes blogging easier.

Doesn’t it make sense to enjoy a clear view of sweet blogging success by stepping into the whole with fellow bloggers versus struggling solo? 

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  1. Hi Ryan, Excellent points as no man is an island, especially online. When you collaborate with others, it’s like having a teammate on your blog. Bloggers who work together can accomplish more as a team than flying solo.

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