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Blogging: One Size Does Not Fit All

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I do things quite differently than most bloggers in some regards.

Selling my eBooks and courses through lesser known platforms like Gumroad and Payhip moves me away from the blogging crowd of Amazon self-published authors.

Focusing heavily on building relationships with bloggers and rarely on list-building deviates from the blogging norm.

Of course, I blog similarly to many pros in terms of fundamentals. I create detailed content and build strong connections with readers. Most thriving bloggers walk this path as far as following the basics.

But I learned long ago: one size does not fit all bloggers.

Some bloggers succeed with one approach.

Other bloggers succeed with different approaches.

Beware Trying to Shove a Square Peg into a Round Hole

I desperately tried to build a large, responsive email list for years.

Nothing much happened on the email list building front despite my feverish efforts.

No matter what I did to entice subscribers, barely anyone signed up for Blogging From Paradise email updates.

I eventually surrendered by giving almost no attention and energy to building a list. List building obviously didn’t seem like the best use of my time and talents because my clear as day results graphically pointed me in a different direction.

How often do you see the appearance of blogging failure framed in *that* fashion?

My appearance of struggles were not failure but a loud and clear signal to move in a different direction with my skills.

Most bloggers attempt to shove a square peg into a round hole by pushing, straining, striving and desperately trying to will blogging success through a “one size fits all” approach.

I’ve seen bloggers waste years trying to force success through one strategy when gently trying a different, resonant strategy, quickly and seamlessly, would have increased their traffic and income exponentially over the long haul.

When I stopped trying to build a big list, my intuition guided me to be truly helpful through other strategies like blogger outreach, guest blogging, genuine blog commenting and publishing long form content.

Being truly helpful felt fun and accelerated my blogging success.

As an added bonus, shifting my energy toward these tactics let my list grow more quickly in a purely organic fashion.

The moment I stopped trying so hard to follow the blogging herd I listened to my intuition, stepped away from robotic, mindless blogging and found the blogging size that best fit me, my blogging campaign and the Blogging From Paradise community.

Trust Your Blogging Intuition

Different strategies work for different bloggers.

Trust your blogging intuition to guide you toward your most fruitful, in-demand talents.

More importantly, don’t mindlessly follow the blogging herd in terms of attempting to force success solely through Google traffic and list building.

Millions of bloggers make this mistake to their impending blogging doom because success is not a forced event but organically cultivated through your light, relaxed, patient and mindful service.

Where Are You Most Needed?

I am not most needed by sitting by myself for 4-6 hours daily optimizing blog posts for SEO. The world does not need that from me.

The world seems to love my live broadcasts; this is one of the places where I am most needed. I don’t mean this from an arrogant, haughty perspective. But I do mean that Blogging From Paradise readers love seeing me chat on live broadcasts, independent of video popularity in terms of metrics.

Here’s a recent example of a live video I did on 11 common mistakes bloggers make.

Of course, my organic blogging success grows in traffic and income terms as my happy, loyal readers enjoy my live broadcasts, long-form blog posts, guest posts and genuine blog comments. A few loyal readers do the traffic and business-building work of 50,000 disinterested followers.

Attempting to manipulate systems or people to drive Google traffic and to grow an email list is not the best use of my time, talents and gifts for me or for you.

Do you see why one blogging size does not fit all?

Do you also see why most bloggers struggle?

Before engaging in any blogging strategy few ask the question: why am I doing ?

Few ask the question: for what purpose?

Even fewer wait around for honest answers.

Even fewer process the honest answers and decide to trust their inner guide to lead them to the most fun and effective strategy for them.

Google Traffic and Engaged Lists Rock if Each Matches Your Passion and Skills

If optimizing blog posts for search and building a list feels like fun and the best use of your talents, try these blogging strategies on for size.

If not, do something else.

Billions of people use seemingly endless strategies, tactics, and websites to find content online. Doing what feels fun and most helpful for the world will guide you toward the strategies and sites for working in order to be truly helpful and to accelerate your blogging success.

Search traffic “can” be important but it is not the end-all / be-all. If it were, I’d have no readers or perhaps a few. 

If list-building were the end-all / be-all then almost no one would read Blogging From Paradise.

I Found My Blogging Size

A few months back, Google ranked me as the #2 blogger in the world to follow after Seth Godin.

I mention this to prove how finding your blogging size works quite well, not as a pat on the back because I truly could care less about the worldly recognition. Being popular and seeking other worldly accolades kinda changes when you are a nomad whose entire physical possessions fit into a carry-on and backpack.

Anyway, trusting your blogging intuition to find *your* strategy can even influence the Google algorithm to temporarily rank you as the #2 blogger to follow on planet earth.

Isn’t that enough of an advertisement for trusting your blogging gut?

One blogging size never fits all.

Mindfully find your blogging strategy based on what feels fun and the best use of your talents.

Accelerate your success by being an open-minded blogger.

3 Responses

  1. Awesome to know how you can not follow the crowd and still be successful. I don’t give things away for emails anymore as everyone says you MUST do. I think if you provide good content on the blog or in an email people will read it. It’s all about providing solutions to readers’ problems. Something that Ryan knows how to do.

    1. I agree, Lisa. I focus less on the giving of content for emails. If you have your site optimized with ample opportunities to connect and submit your email address to subscribe to a newsletter, inquire about business, etc., then bringing people in with amazing content is the key.

    2. The memes that get tossed around seem difficult to overcome sometimes, Lisa, including the idea that one needs to offer a free giveaway to actually get a subscriber. If people love your blog posts they will follow your blog by email, book mark or carrier pigeon.

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