Case Study: Marketing for WordPress Host

Driving brand awareness in a crowded market for is a managed WordPress hosting company that launched in 2019. The brand has created what’s been proven to be the fastest WordPress hosting on the market. The problem was was competing against other WordPress hosting companies that had been around for 10+ years and were fully entrenched as the leaders in the space.

To stand out, knew they had to get busy producing content and be more engaged on social media. The team reached out to Gaenzle Marketing to create a content and social media partnership. The engagement started with a content audit and SEO audit which we turned into a phased content strategy that involved a focus on blog creation, website updates, SEO, and social media.

Read on to find out more about the project and the results saw from our efforts.

How we helped our client compete more effectively in a challenging market

Increased Search Visibility

Our team pulled a list of high-intent keywords and keywords critical to the brand’s success using Semrush. We then created a strategic approach to updating the website with focused keywords in mind. Our team built mockups for updated web pages (with improved copy) and created well-optimized blog posts.

Critical keywords received a huge bump in rankings (example: “WordPress hosting” jumped up 45 spots).

Major Boost in Website Traffic

Our goal was to boost organic traffic and to bring in more traffic from targeted regions like the United States and Canada. Spoiler alert: we crushed it! Through content creation, SEO efforts, and a strong focus on powerful branding, we were able to boost results in all of those key areas.

In two months, we saw a 40% increase in traffic, a 44% increase in organic traffic, 81% increase in traffic from social.

Put the World On Notice was super busy building the top WordPress hosting platform on the market. They knew they needed social media, but they didn’t have the time. So, we jumped in. We executed a focused strategy, leveraging influencers, boosting post frequency, and focusing on engagement. This led to some nice results.

Highlights: 214% increased Twitter mentions, 11% increased LinkedIn button clicks, & serious follower growth.

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