Case Study: Web Design and Content Strategy

Boost in Business for Pressure Washing Company in Hershey

The Pressure Washing Guy was looking to change direction, having spent a significant amount of budget on direct mailers for several years. The company’s websites was in need of an update, 

Our team jumped in with a full website redesign. We then crafted an editorial and social media strategy designed to help the company cut back on expensive advertising costs and earn more inbound business through content and social.

Read on to find out more about the project and the results The Pressure Washing Guy saw from our efforts.

Pressure Washing Company Website Design

How we lifted up our client’s market presence

Showing Up Higher in Search

Our team worked with the folks at The Pressure Washing Guy on the execution of a targeted SEO strategy. The strategy began with a rewrite of the site’s content with a focus on critical, high-intent keywords. We sprinkled in some link building, a touch of optimized content, and local SEO efforts. This is what happened.

230% increase in organic traffic and a 7-point boost in domain authority for the company’s website.

Lead Generation Boost

With a mix of content marketing (blogging) and social media as a distribution channel, increase traffic from key search results led to an increase in requests for services from the pressure washing company. Leads consistently flowed from Facebook as well.

50% increase in leads coming through the website. 125% increase in leads from Facebook. 

Improved Website Stats

With our with the enhanced digital marketing we put in place for our pressure washing client, we saw a major boost in website performance. Time on page increased significantly, traffic received a major boost, and pages per session saw a boost as well.

Website traffic tripled and time on page increased by 50%. Bounce rate decreased from 57% to only 43%.

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