Anthony Gaenzle

Productivity Hacks for Copywriters: Staying on Track and Being Productive

Copywriting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions in the marketing world. It takes the perfect mix of science, art, and magic to get it right. Copywriting is a wonderful career option, but it’s also super competitive, and you’ll find yourself busy…All. The. Time. (if you’re good at what you do, that is) As a copywriter, you’re constantly juggling multiple projects and deadlines, so it can be difficult to stay productive and on track, especially if you’re working

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Anthony Gaenzle

7 Copywriting Mistakes That Will Make Website Visitors Roll Their Eyes

Quality copywriting can’t be overlooked if you want to convert website visitors into paying customers. It’s not always easy, however, to grasp how to write effective and engaging copy that will keep your readers interested and stop them from rolling their eyes and running in the opposite direction. To help you avoid mistakes that can crush your brand or cause you to miss out on opportunities to grow your business, here are seven of the most common—and cringe-worthy—copywriting mistakes that

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Gaenzle Marketing

Talented Conversion Copywriter Joins Roster to Bolster Copy and Content Creation Services

Recently, Gaenzle Marketing added to its already talented team when seasoned writer and content creator. Jeanne Petrizzo, joined the team as Conversion Copywriter. The addition is part of a major initiative to bolster the agency’s content marketing and copywriting services. In today’s digital world, content is king, and copywriting is what drives conversions. This move sets up Gaenzle Marketing to strengthen its position as a leading agency in the space, continuing to aid clients in driving conversions and growth through

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Michael Brewer

9 Key Elements Your Website Landing Pages Must Have

Your landing page is all about marketing your company and capturing visitors. Failing to put the right amount of strategic thought into the design of your landing page can mean lost value and wasted time. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true elements you can include in the layout of your landing pages to boost the ROI. To create your perfect landing page, include these nine key elements. 1. A Gripping Headline A grabbing headline is the first element of any successful

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Jessica Robinson

Top 7 Actionable Tactics to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing is the core of content marketing. No matter what you do as a content marketer, writing is somehow involved in it. Doesn’t matter whether you work on a guest post, design a social media post, or create a video, writing is involved in everything. But, writing doesn’t always come easy. As writers, we often find ourselves in situations where we are unable to write. We feel as if some unknown force has blocked our ability to think and pen

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Anthony Gaenzle

How Can Quality Copywriting Enhance Your Website’s Performance and Grow Your Business?

Ever land on a website, and you just can’t figure what the company offers or how their products or services work? The problem isn’t that the company’s products or services are bad. The problem is much more likely that the copy on the website is poorly written. Quality copywriting is critical in creating a website that helps visitors easily understand the value your business adds to their lives and the problems you solve. Quality copywriting guides visitors easily through your

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