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Anthony Gaenzle

Collaborative Social Media Growth: How to Create Alliances to Skyrocket Your Impact

As a business owner or blogger who uses social media to grow the reach of your brand, you are constantly battling against the noise, trying to stand out in the crowd. The fight is intense, and you aren’t confident you have the resources to win. If you only had a bigger team to help amplify the content you post and beat back the competitors. Just as you reach for the white flag and consider surrender, the cavalry rushes to your

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Anthony Gaenzle

Collaboration in Marketing: Forming Partnerships to Grow Your Brand

A while back, I wrote an article for the Content Marketing Institute blog highlighting four key collaborative relationships that every marketer should build to succeed. In the article, one of my points mentioned creating new allies. What I was referring to was the creation of mutually beneficial relationships with complementary companies, industry associations, influencers, bloggers, and others to increase your marketing’s reach and connect with your audience – and expand that audience. I’d like to elaborate on that concept a

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Anthony Gaenzle

Network, Spread the Word, and Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Marketing

In the marketing world, the future of social media is bright, and each channel offers its own unique value to marketers. With the ever-changing digital media landscape, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your brand is leveraging the proper channels. With that being said, LinkedIn is a platform that will be more important than ever as we move into the future. From connecting with potential customers to networking with other professionals, there are numerous ways to

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What is Pinterest, and What Can Businesses Do With It?

Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform that allows users to save and organize images and videos they find on the web into virtual boards. Businesses can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, promote their products or services, and show off the personality of their brand. They can make boards to show off their products, share content from behind-the-scenes, and work with influencers. They can also use promoted pins to reach a wider audience. Pinterest has provided

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The Role of Social Media in Promoting Architecture: A Guide for Architects and Designers

Social media has become a powerful tool for promoting businesses and brands, and the architecture and design industry is no exception. In the past, architects and designers relied on word-of-mouth referrals and traditional marketing strategies to promote their services. However, in today’s digital age, social media has become an essential platform for promoting their work and engaging with potential clients. This article explores the role of social media in promoting architecture and provides a guide for architects and designers to

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Waylon Foster

How Social Media Can Improve Your SEO?

Is Social Media a Ranking Factor? No, search engines do not deem social media as a ranking factor. And it is safe to conclude that social media channels do not directly affect your SERP ranks.  Google overlooks the backlinks from social media, and these links do not add authority to your site.  But you cannot ignore that social media indirectly gives an upward nudge to our SEO efforts. And several factors correlate social media marketing with SEO.  CognitiveSEO surveyed 23 million

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Storytelling On Social Media: How to Use Narrative to Boost Engagement and Drive Results

Social media is a useful tool that allows businesses and organizations to connect with a large, targeted audience. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to boost customer engagement and drive the growth of businesses. With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, businesses can use social media to expand their reach and connect with a global audience. Furthermore, businesses can interact with customers, address their concerns, and provide helpful content, to build trust and

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Benefits of Twitter: How Your Business Can Gain and Grow

Twitter is a very popular service that allows its users to communicate quickly and easily with other people. It’s easy, fast, and fun to use. It’s also useful for businesses to spread the word about the brand, connect with customers, and grow. What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media network and a microblogging site that lets people share information very quickly and easily with their friends, colleagues, and others. It’s also great for networking, as you can send your

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Charlotte Lin

The Top 10 Social Media Tools Brands Are Using to Succeed

Social media is one of the most popular marketing tools for brands on the internet. It is not just helping brands to build an attractive online presence but also helping companies attract new customers and experience growth. Social media is now becoming an almost must-have for brands looking to truly grow through digital marketing. If you have an online presence for your brand, you need to be active on social media.   Recent research shows that 58.4% of the world’s population

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