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Why Being Closed-Minded Hurts Your Blogging Career

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I enjoy scanning my travel photos and travel videos from time to time.

I recently watched a video I recorded from September 2020 in the Adirondacks of upstate New York.

While walking through this vast wilderness of 6 million square acres – 1/5th the size of England – I noted something odd.

Someone strong snapped a 30-foot tree at its base and placed the tree teepee style against another tree, the base being positioned in the middle of the trail. The culprit also created a circular stack of sticks beside the teepee structure.

Closed-minded, old Ryan would have ignored the sight because I could not have even conceptualized what happened; my mind would have locked up and I would have moved on.

Nevermind seeing a healthy, 6-inch diameter tree snapped at the base and placed in bizarre fashion beside another tree.

Who does that?

What human being has the strength to snap a 30-foot-tall, 6-inch diameter tree 4 inches from its roots?

Perhaps some human has powers I know not of; or maybe a different type of person acted in normal, natural fashion.

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Open-minded me knew a forest person – aka Sasquatch or Bigfoot – could have been the culprit. I find the topic of Sasquatch fascinating.

After listening to 1000’s of eyewitness encounters and carefully observing body mechanics and linguistics breakdowns of quite a few videos, I believed Sasquatch existed quite a few years ago.

Approximately 2 weeks after I recorded the video, my wife and I had an incredibly bizarre encounter with a prankster-ish Sasquatch deep in a remote area of the Adirondacks. The nearest human would have been 5 miles away, ruling out “human” pranksters.

Since no known animal in New York state grunts like a silverback gorilla or had opposable thumbs to slam heavy logs into trees, creating tree knocks for 5 minutes, and since I’ve heard 100’s of other people report both the gorilla grunt and tree knock similarities, both me and my wife are confident we had a Sasquatch encounter.

Imagine if I was closed-minded to the idea of Sasquatch?

Literally, Sasquatch could not exist in my mind if I closed myself off from the idea of Bigfoot being real. At best, I miss out on neat, consciousness-expanding experiences in remote forests.

At worst, I suffer from PTSD like tens of thousands of folks spending time in the forests of Canada and the United States, being severely traumatized by something their mind refuses to accept as real but their brain and physical senses recorded as being very real.

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Blogging and Closed-Mindedness

Closed-minded bloggers literally *cannot see* any idea, possibility or opportunity the individuals close themselves off from because the mind only accepts as real or true ideas the mind opens itself to. Horrible struggles, agonizing failure and eventual quitting meets closed-minded bloggers.

Like Sasquatch skeptics who refuse to believe in the existence of Bigfoot because “they have not seen it”, close-minded blogging skeptics frame blogging through the same narrow, restricted pinhole that instantly dissolves almost all possibilities save 1 or 2. Bloggers often attempt to force blogging success through 2 common channels:

  • Google traffic
  • List building

Feel free to use each technique but never be closed-minded enough to close yourself off from other realities, possibilities and opportunities for accelerating your blogging success.

I despised list building; building an email list never resonated with me. SEO-optimizing blog posts never vibed with me, either.

I am open-minded enough to see opportunities in guest posting, genuine blog commenting and networking. I have done A-OK with each. 

But none of those opportunities exist in the minds of closed-off bloggers because the mind cannot see what the mind does not open to.

How Being Closed-Minded Hurts Your Blogging Career

Being closed-minded damages your blogging career because you lose the critical qualities of being:

  • Flexible
  • Malleable
  • Abundant
  • Generous
  • Intuitive

I advise struggling bloggers to engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign to get the ball rolling.

Closed-minded bloggers claim:

“Blog commenting does not work.”

Meanwhile, the skeptical bloggers who “know” blog commenting does not work and never comment genuinely on blogs keep doing what *definitely* does not work (i.e. the reason why they struggle) to perpetuate their struggles.

Blogging skeptics know what does not work, right up until they struggle so terribly that they quit blogging.

Open-minded bloggers are flexible, nimble and spot opportunities for growth fast. I am always on the lookout for opportunities because I am open-minded.

Being an opportunity magnet has not hurt my professional blogging career.

Genuine comment example of Content Marketing Institute blog - Source
Image: Genuine comment example of Content Marketing Institute blog – Source

One Important Note About Being Open-Minded in Blogging

Be open-minded yet discerning. Most Sasquatch videos on YouTube are hoaxes. Many encounters are fictitious, too. I am open-minded but do not believe everyone because humans sometimes enjoy getting attention or playing pranks on people.

Believing everyone would twist and turn me in enough directions to where I would become overwhelmed with true and false stories, eventually leading me to trust no one and disbelieve in Sasquatch.

Similarly, bloggers need to be open-minded while filtering out low energy tactics, competitive strategies and techniques simply not resonant with them. Otherwise, information overwhelm and bright, shiny object syndrome relentlessly assault you until you give up.

Open your mind.

See possibilities around you.

Avoid the pain and struggles consistent with closed-mindedness.

Build your blogging career on a foundation of opportunity, possibility and options.

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