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Have You Ever Pondered How Expensive it Becomes to Lose Blogging Time?

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I have come across many bloggers who complained about various aspects of blogging being way too expensive.

Some bloggers bemoan spending money on a domain and hosting. Others wish not to spend money on a premium theme. Some bloggers fear losing money on blogging courses, eBooks and coaching.

But have you ever thought about how expensive blogging becomes in time-loss terms?

Literally, I have seen bloggers I met 14 years ago make the same mistakes today these bloggers made 14 years ago.


Every one of these bloggers feared spending money on a domain, hosting, blogging course or even a premium blogging theme. Surrendering to the fear led to 14 years of blogging struggle.

Imagine this idea for one moment: the fear of investing a few hundred bucks resulted in losing 14 years of your blogging life you will never get back.

Does $100 sound expensive? Or does 14 years of your life sound expensive? Have you figured out how to add time lost? Do you have the keys to a blogging time machine? Or like all mere blogging mortals, once time passes, do you understand that time is gone, forever?

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Wasting then losing blogging time is the most expensive blogging error ever because no one knows how to get back time. Time expires and vanishes forever. Perhaps the bloggers I observed avoided feeling the fear of spending $200 annually on a domain and hosting. Some even feel immense relief; at least the individuals did not waste $2800 on a domain and hosting for the past 14 years. But the individual traded 14 years of their blogging existence, toiling around in the digital space, for $2800.

Does trading 14 blogging years of your life for $2800 sound sane? Or does making this trade sound insane?

Human beings can easily earn $2800 and more after investing $2800. Anyone can cover a $2800 investment through various monetizing channels. But no one gets back 14 years lost because time lost simply vanishes forever.

What does wasting (and losing) blogging time look like?

Stop trading precious time for the fear of losing money. Reframe your idea of time being expensive. Rethink your idea of sound, successful, and freedom promoting financial investments as being expensive. I feel grateful to have invested money in my blogging campaign because I never wasted precious time spinning my wheels with free blogging strategies.

However, many bloggers waste years never to return by blogging on free platforms, using free themes and trying to piece together their blogging education solely via free content. Perhaps you avoid facing the fear of spending $500 this year but you wasted 365 blogging days of your life. Does that sound like an intelligent trade-off?

Digging even deeper, you wasted 8-10 hours of smart, sound blogging daily over the 365 day stretch. In reality, you wasted 3,650 blogging hours best spent building a rock solid foundation for blogging the right way. Can you ever get those 3,650 hours back? Nope. Time lost vanishes forever. Talk about making an expensive mistake!

How do you avoid wasting blogging time?

Face money fears. Invest money in a domain, hosting, premium theme and in your premium blogging education.

Make every blogging minute count, right now, going forward. Use 6-10 hours daily to blog the right way as a full-time blogger. Use 2 hours daily to blog the right way as a part-time blogger who works a full time job.

Bloggers can make more money but bloggers cannot make more time. Time is a non-renewable resource. Spend money to blog the right way. Save time. Use time effectively. Nudge into your fear of poverty. Observe how all pro bloggers invest money in building their blogs intelligently.

Spending time and money blogging the right way actually frees up your time as passive blogging success flows to you over the long haul. Each penny and minute invested intelligently in blogging over years gradually nets you passive blogging traffic and income over the long haul.

Now THAT sounds like a smart trade off to me!

2 Responses

  1. I think you make really excellent points with this post, Ryan! While $100 is something concrete and up front that people really notice if they spend, 14 years is more ethereal and passes by more slowly. So it’s understandable that people will cling onto their $100 while not even really noticing the 14 years till it’s gone. Until they read this post, that is. I think you may really be changing some minds and even some lives with this post. It’s really eye opening!

    1. For sure, Sabina. It’s definitely difficult to conceptualize the value of time sometimes. While a straight up $100 is much clearer. I think it really takes a mindset shift to make it happen.

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