Looking for marketing support for your portfolio companies?

We work with private investment and private equity investment firms to help you support the marketing needs of your portfolio companies as well as to evaluate the digital presence of brands you’re evaluating in consideration for addition to your portfolio.

There’s no question a powerful digital presence can take a company to new heights. When you consider potential companies to bring into your portfolio, you want to be sure they’re set up to show up impress online.

That’s where Gaenzle Marketing comes in. We become your trusted partner, working closely with your leadership team, as well as decision-makers from your portfolio companies, to uncover areas for digital growth through website design, content marketing, SEO, analytics, social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing services.

Gaenzle Marketing’s capital management and private equity investment firm partners enjoyed the quality services of a top digital marketing agency, but at our special partnership rates to allow you to easily absorb the cost of improving the digital presence of your portfolio companies. Our services pay for themselves by helping your portfolio companies grow.

How can we help your firm?

How can we help your private investment or private equity firm improve the prospects of your portfolio companies?

Our team of marketing specialists will partner with your team to ensure the companies you bring under your wing are set up for long-term growth with a high-impact digital presence. In working with Gaenzle Marketing, you will be working with a true partner. We value your expertise, and we believe that in working together within a true partnership, there is no limit to the success we will achieve for your firm and for your portfolio companies.

Trusted Partners

When you succeed, we succeed. We realize the power of trust and transparency. In working with the Gaenzle Marketing team, your private investment or private equity firm will have direct access to our leadership team as we constantly work to ensure your portfolio companies are looking good online, positioned to show up high in search results, and drive business.

Special Partnership Rates

When you contract your marketing support to a high-priced agency, keeping your portfolio companies looking good and driving results can really break the bank. That’s not the case with Gaenzle Marketing. We offer the same, high-quality marketing services over-priced agencies charge, but our Lean practices and our super-talented team help keep the costs down. We pass those savings to you. We don’t bring in unnecessary team members and charge you extra for limited, often unnecessary work. Simply put, we prefer long-term partnerships over overcharging clients on one-off projects.

Assistance With Evaluating Prospective Portfolio Brands

In today’s digital world, when you are actively evaluating new potential portfolio partners, it’s critically important to dig behind the scenes into the digital presence of the brands you consider. We will partner with you to conduct SEO audits, website audits, and content audits, as well as to conduct a deep dive into the competition, to determine where your prospective partners stand. We will uncover gaps and opportunities for improvement, as well as strengths and other areas you can exploit for growth to help determine the potential opportunity for growth beyond what you can see on the surface.

Skilled Across the Full Scope of Digital Marketing

We do it all, and we love what we do. Our team is made up of niche specialists in web design, SEO, content marketing, video production, social media, graphic design, copywriting, and other digital marketing tactics. When you work with Gaenzle Marketing, there’s no need to work with multiple agencies. We can help with the full scope of work related to boosting the digital presence of your portfolio companies.

How can we help you boost the digital presence of your portfolio?

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