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What company types, industries, and brands do we work with?

We work with small businesses, as well as mid-to-large companies. We work with companies across multiple industries, including finance and capital management, entertainment, food & beverage, software and technology, web hosting, legal services, and hospitality businesses. We’d love to learn about your business and partner with you to help you grow!

A few of the happy clients we work with

We’ve helped a lot of brands grow their business, improve website performance, boost their online presence, and increase revenue. These are just a handful of the wonderful brands we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with to create and execute amazing marketing campaigns.

Lancer Capital and Gaenzle Marketing recently partnered for a full redesign of the private equity firm’s website. This included a rewrite of the website copy with an SEO-focused approach to help the site rank higher in search results. Lancer and Gaenzle Marketing continue to work together, as Gaenzle will assist the firm with helping to bolster the website and digital presence of Lancer’s portfolio companies.

Served Up is a new cooking show that recently launched its pilot episode. The show features hosts Tara Christie and Rebeca Cabral visiting luxury homes across the globe to teach spouses of high-profile, wealthy people the joys of cooking. Gaenzle Marketing was hired to develop an initial website, then enhance the website as the show is picked up. The partnership also includes social media management, content creation, and strategic direction.

Rocket.net has taken the website hosting industry by storm. The brand has been quickly growing its share of the market, in a very challenging space. To take things to the next level, Rocket.net partnered with Gaenzle Marketing for the creation of a content strategy, social media management, content creation, editorial management, SEO, website updates, and digital advertising. Since the partnership began, Rocket.net has seen a 30% increase in website traffic, boosts in traffic from key geographic markets, searching ranking boosts for a set of critical keywords, and an increase in lead generation.

Odyssey Group Wealth Advisors is a wealth management firm located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The firm launched in 2018, and they reached out to Gaenzle Marketing to help generate brand awareness and grow the business. Our team designed the brand’s website, created an editorial strategy for Odyssey’s blog, managed social media, designed marketing collateral, and conducted ongoing SEO, including link building. Throughout the partnership, we’ve helped the brand earn top page search results, generate a 500% increase in newsletter subscriptions, boost social media following by 355%, and begin to earn a steady stream of leads and inquiries via the company’s website.

Connexity is the largest independent retail performance marketing software platform, focused on helping eCommerce businesses grow. The brand reached out to Gaenzle Marketing to run Twitter advertising campaigns focused on lead generation. The campaigns included targeting and execution, as well as the creation of ad creative and ad copy. The campaign generated a >2% CTR, 10% follower growth, 20% improvement on conversions over previous campaigns the company ran prior to engaging with Gaenzle Marketing.

Play.org is a free, online gaming platform offering mind games, old-school arcade games, first-person games, educational games, card games, and games from virtually every genre. The brand reached out to Gaenzle Marketing for link building and guest posting. Gaenzle Marketing helped to give the Plays.org website a boost in search results through a powerful SEO link-building strategy focused on placements on DA 40 or higher websites with high-quality traffic.

At the Cabin Coffee is a recently launched online coffee subscription service. The brand reached out to Gaenzle Marketing for strategic direction and support for website design, social media marketing, SEO, and content creation. Since the partnership began, At the Cabin Coffee has experienced a 380% increase in website traffic, a 1000% increase in social media followers, and a solid boost in business out of the gate.

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