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Fun Ways to Inspire Your Brain as a Content Creator

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Being a content creator is one of the most enjoyable ways to make a living. Think about it. Our job is to bring stories to life, inspire people to take action, and be creative in doing so.

Videos, blog articles, visual creations, and other types of content. That’s what we do for a living. We create amazing things out of thin air.

Sometimes, however, as content creators we can run into a wall.

Large, exhaustive projects, staring at your computer screen all day, meetings with clients, and consistently coming up with new ideas can take a toll on you.

When you find yourself running into a creative wall, it’s time to take a step back and have some fun.

Here are three fun ways you can inspire your brain as a content creator.

1. Online Games

If you work at a computer all day, you may not have the time to step away for too long to unwind. Thus, any unwinding you do needs to happen right at your desk.

Fortunately, the Internet is a place of endless opportunity. One outlet where I find inspiration for my brain is playing online games.

There are plenty of websites offering online games available for free. One of my favorites is And while this site does indeed have an excellent free version of this popular game, it also offers tons of other games that can inspire your brain.

One of the games on the site that I find most inspirational is Hidden Object. You can select from 8 different settings, including pirate, princess, hotel, and others.

Image: Hidden Object game on

This, and other games on the site, as well as on similar sites, can keep your brain sharp by taking your mind away from the task at hand and helping kick your creative thinking back in motion.

2. Collaboration

Sometimes, when we live only within our own brains, things can get a bit stagnant. That’s why it’s so important to build a network of like-minded content creators to bounce ideas off of and to collaborate with.

Working on collaborative content can help inspire our brains as content creators, as we’re effectively putting two (or more) brains together. The ideas will flow, and creativity will thrive.

As we build relationships, we need to think about creating the following types of content with our collaborative partners to help boost our content creation potential.

  • Roundup articles
  • Interview videos
  • Joint case studies
  • Competitions
  • Podcast co-hosts

We can brainstorm with our collaborative partners. Come up with new ideas beyond the five laid out above. Inspire one another to grow and thrive as content creators.

3. Take Art Classes

No, this one isn’t reserved just for the graphic designers and visual content creators. Writers and others can benefit as well.

In fact, when you sign up for art classes, make sure you choose a medium with which you are highly unfamiliar.

You’re a writer? Great! Now you’re a painter!

You’re a web designer? Take a quilting class.

You get the point. Step outside of your box and do something different. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Image: Paint on a canvas – Source

Final Thoughts on Fun Ways to Inspire Your Content Creator Genius

Being a content creator is a fun way to make a living. When you run up against a wall and can’t get things moving, why not have fun rekindling the fun you have with content?

Try some outside the box ideas. Online games, getting a little help from your friends, or letting your inner artist shine through can all help you get the creative juices flowing again.

Don’t sit stagnant. Have fun getting things going again, and you’ll be back in action creating amazing content in no time.

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  1. Collaboration is a great way to expand our network.
    Doing roundup posts, expert interviews helps a lot in this.

    Thank you Anthony for this post. You explained it very well.

    Keep post such awesome content here.

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