Gaenzle Marketing Selected to Develop and Execute Marketing Strategy for New Independent Coffee Brand

coffee client for marketing agency

Contact: Anthony Gaenzle – Chief Executive Officer


Phone: 757-254-7842

LANCASTER, Pa – December 10, 2021

At the Cabin Coffee, a newly launched independent coffee brand, recently selected Gaenzle Marketing to lead the brand’s marketing efforts. Gaenzle Marketing will support the brand in creating a digital marketing strategy as well as developing the brand messaging and enhancing the company’s digital presence.

“I think I speak for everyone at Gaenzle Marketing when I say we’re all huge fans of coffee, and we were very excited to be selected for this project,” said Anthony Gaenzle, CEO at Gaenzle Marketing. “We’re excited to work with the founder, who’s got a great vision for the brand, and help the brand grow immensely so everyone can enjoy a delicious brewed cup of At the Cabin Coffee.”

The brand launched officially in November with plans for significant growth across the United States. Offering the ability to purchase individually or through a coffee subscription service, customers are able to savor the taste of a “getaway in each cup” of coffee as a one-off experience or on a continued basis.

Phase one, focused on strategy development, of the project is underway with phase two, focused on execution, will begin in January 2022. The agency will assist At the Cabin Coffee with social media, content marketing, SEO, ad campaigns, and other digital tactics to give the brand a boost online.  

About Gaenzle Marketing

Gaenzle Marketing helps brands in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and other states uncover opportunities for growth. The agency serves both B2B and B2C clients with projects involving web design, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, video production, blogging, and copywriting. 

Gaenzle Marketing continues to expand throughout Central Pennsylvania, adding new talent and bringing on new clients. The agency also continues to expand its footprint to surrounding regions and states. For more information about Gaenzle Marketing, visit

About At the Cabin Coffee

At The Cabin Coffee is dedicated to providing the freshest coffee to your doorstep. The company’s coffee is ethically sourced and they only provide the highest of quality 100% Arabica beans. Roasted and packaged in the USA.  The company believes that once you experience our coffee, you will not want to go back to the stale store bought coffee. 

Not only is At the Cabin Coffee focused on amazing gourmet coffee, but they have exceptional customer service.  The company wants you to be happy with your experience with us.  Please contact the At the Cabin Coffee team at for any questions or special requests.

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