Is AI Marketing Good For Your Business?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) hasn’t just begun to spread to every facet of the business. It is already everywhere.

From logistics to accounting, pretty much everything digital uses some sort of AI in its workflow. Take a good look at your process, and you’ll start to notice just how much AI has infiltrated all of everyday life.

Of course, if you’re asking about the benefits of AI for business, then it’s safe to assume you’re not utilizing it to the fullest. Rudimentary use of AI is far different from actively integrating it into your business.

Today, we’ll be talking about the benefits of AI marketing and why it’s well worth your time.

What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is the use of artificial intelligence to automate decisions about the marketing process, from data collection and customer analysis to improving your content, and everything in between. AI marketing is often used when speed is of the essence.

Plenty of businesses use AI to augment human teams and make them a lot more efficient than they would be otherwise.  These tasks are often for repetitive and error-prone processes, and that efficiency is what differs from traditional marketing.

Uses of AI Marketing

Data Analytics

AI is particularly effective at sifting through large swathes of data, one of the biggest hurdles that most businesses go through when they gather information from customers. Back in the day, most businesses only had a very rudimentary and oftentimes incomplete perspective on the information they gathered from customers.

Thanks to AI, data analytics has been significantly simplified. Now, analyses that would formerly have taken potentially weeks to sift through now take no more than a few hours, and in some cases, even minutes.

Data is much easier to handle when it’s already been streamlined by an efficient algorithm. Building a successful career in content marketing takes knowledge, and analysis is what AI excels at.

Real-Time Personalization

One of the hardest parts of marketing is the ability to cater to an audience’s famously fickle needs. There’s just nothing feasible about a single person tracking a single client and catering to their every need. This is where AI shines.

An AI is given criteria then they adapt the digital ads, services, and products they recommend to people based on their online behavior.

Of course, it should be a given that these algorithms are asked for with permission from the customer. Frankly, most people agree because seeing ads that you might use is appealing to many people.

An efficient AI will be able to properly provide customers with the experience they truly need. AI in social media is particularly effective at this. 

Automated Calculations

Decision-making is one of the most difficult parts of marketing. It’s hard to finalize one decision because so many factors go into it.

  • How much will a campaign cost?
  • Is it feasible to target your audience in a certain location?
  • What day, time, etc., is optimal?

These are just a few of the questions that every marketing team has to deal with.

In such cases, AI can streamline the process by analyzing the data and offering a potential plan. There’s no guarantee it’ll be perfect, but the important part isn’t that it solves the problem for you.

The importance is that it goes through all the hard work of comparing decisions and then offering its subjective best decision. Humans still play a huge part, they just don’t have to work as hard.

Automated Processes

It’s not just automating algorithms and sales numbers. AI is also really good at making busywork a non-issue altogether.

Little things like sorting client emails to the correct folder, sending out scheduled emails every morning, and even just reminding employees of their break hours.

AI is amazing at improving the quality of life in a business, often in ways that people don’t even notice.

For more complex processes, chatbots are also an effective and common tool in the business world. Chatbots act as an excellent filter for customer needs.

Thousands of hours used to be wasted on live agents being forced to answer the usual questions over and over. Automated processes such as chatbots make it a lot easier, answering these questions and saving your team tons of time.


Running a business means you must be wary about your expenses and net income. Business owners must be capable of maximizing profits while minimizing unnecessary effort.

AI is one of the most cost-efficient investments that a business can make. Properly integrating AI into your business guarantees amazing returns.

A huge percentage of customers barely even interact with a real person these days. They often find their answers well before a human has to deal with them. The time and money saved from these simple redirects are perhaps one of AI’s most tangible benefits.


In short, AI Marketing isn’t just good for your business, it is essential for explosive growth in an increasingly technological landscape.

Blending the careful eye of humans with the efficiency of computers is an excellent formula for success. The only concern is properly integrating it; a strong IT team is highly recommended.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Kat,
    I tried AI for chatbots once and was not too happy with the results. I’m sure they have improved over time though, I may have to revisit them. I do love AI for writing though and use it to help my content writing. I think AI will improve in all areas as time goes on rather quickly.

    1. AI for chatbots could be great or I could see it going horribly wrong. I think if a team has the time to really sit down and iron out the strategy and set the effort in motion the right way, you can do a lot.

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