Mailbird Review: Is Mailbird the Best Email Client Option for Your Business? 

Mailbird Email Marketing

Managing multiple email accounts and collaborating across the company is a challenge many businesses face. Mailbird was created as an alternative to current email client options on the market and is designed to help businesses and individuals eliminate the hassles and confusion that can come with managing multiple accounts. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of Mailbird, check out the pricing, and dig into what you can expect if you opt to use Mailbird to bring your email platforms together. 

Simplifying Management of Multiple Email Platforms

As a marketing agency owner, I run into this problem regularly. Our team mainly uses Google Workspace, but we also leverage Microsoft Outlook and the various Office 365 tools along with other email providers. As such, things can become a bit confusing. 

We started testing out Mailbird as a way to manage the chaos, and it has helped us simplify things in a number of areas. 

Mailbird allows businesses and individuals to sync emails and contacts across multiple email platforms. Microsoft, Gmail, and other popular email platforms are included.

Let’s take a look at Mailbird so you can determine if it’s the right fit for you or your business. 

Image: Mailbird email client

Mailbird Pricing 

I want to highlight pricing first. Typically, I would save this for later, but the pricing is highly competitive, and with two different packages for individuals and businesses, you can start small to test Mailbird’s value if you want, and then upgrade to a business license once you decide to bring it in to your operations to manage email for your team. 

Personal Yearly / Pay Once

The base tier is only $3.25 per user per month. This includes three devices per license with unlimited email accounts per device. This package also comes with 5 trackable emails per month and it integrates with some of your favorite apps online. The base package does not include Microsoft Exchange accounts support. With the Personal plan, you can choose to just pay once for a lifetime license. If you catch it at the right time, you can grab this plan at only $49.50, which is 50% off the full price. 

Business Yearly / Pay Once

The business plan is currently going for only $5.75 per user per month. If you wish to take advantage of the pay once option to obtain a lifetime subscriber to this email client, Mailbird is currently running a deal for $99.75 per user, which is 75% off the full price. 

With the business plan, you receive a number of bonus features that make this plan appealing. One feature I love is the LinkedIn lookup function that looks up your contacts on LinkedIn. You also gain business apps integrations, the ability to use Mailbird for commercial purposes, and VIP-level support. 

Simplicity In Configuration and User Experience 

I always struggled with Microsoft and some other email clients. Mailbird, however, was quite the opposite. The configuration process was super simple. To get started, you simply follow a few quick steps. 

First: You start setting up Mailbird by downloading the .exe file on your PC to begin the installation and configuration process.

Second: Enter the name of your account and the associated email address. 

Third: Mailbird will take care of the heavy lifting by locating the server settings for your account. 

Fourth: You’ll then determine the layout, which gives you the ability to choose light mode vs. dark mode, how your emails are positioned, and even choose an inbox theme. 

Similar to Outlook, you can choose to see all your emails in one place. You simply click on the particular inbox you want to expand to view the relevant emails. 

Using Mailbird to Boost Productivity

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about Mailbird is the simple user experience. You’ll find that many of the features and functions are similar to popular email platforms, like Gmail for example, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time learning how to navigate and use Mailbird. 

Image: Mailbird app integrations

Lots of Integrations With Your Favorite Apps

Mailbird integrates with many of your favorite apps. And to top it off, the platform just announced an integration with ChatGPT that will help users in crafting more powerful emails

In addition to the ChatGPT email, Mailbird also integrates with Google apps, Whats App, WeChat, Slack, Asana, Facebook, Dropbox, Wunderlist, and more. Just click the drop-down, select add-ons, and start integrating. 

Useful Functions

Mailbird offers a variety of functions to help you stay focused, get organized, and be more productive. One such function is the Snooze option. You can pause conversations and threads and set them to come back around at a later date so you can focus on the project at hand and not get distracted by emails. 

Another productivity-boosting function is the ability to “Undo” emails. While you can’t schedule emails to go out in the future, you do have a 30-second window to choose to cancel the sending of an email. This can come in handy when you realize an error or you decide the message you sent isn’t ready quite yet for public consumption, 

For Use on PC Only

The only issue I came across is that Mailbird is not yet available for Mac or Apple devices. If you’re a PC user, you’re all set, but Mac users, you’ll need to find another option. 

I navigate back and forth between both the PC and Mac worlds, so it’s a minor inconvenience for me, but generally Mailbird is highly valuable when I’m using my PC. I use Mac more for graphic design and video functions, but I find a ton of value and power using PC as well, so if you’re like me, you’re all set to use Mailbird.

Mailbird for Mac is coming, however. So, if you’re an avid Mac user interested in testing out the power of Mailbird, don’t despair. You can visit the brand’s website and sign up to be notified when early access is available for Mac users. 

Image: Early access to Mailbird for Mac users

Wrapping it Up

So, should you use Mailbird to configure your emails and improve your email marketing? My answer, in short, is ‘yes”. I love a lot of the features and functionality offered by this email client, and you can certainly benefit if you are running multiple emails. 

If you’re a one email kind of person, it’s not for you, but for businesses or individuals struggling to navigate multiple emails, Mailbird will help you simplify things and boost your productivity. 

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