Personal Brand Audit

What will a personal brand audit reveal about you?

Google your name. What do you find? Old photos? Poorly written articles? Maybe nothing at all? How you appear online can open so many doors, or it can shut them in your face. Our personal brand audit will uncover outstanding issues and highlight opportunities to boost your personal brand to  grow your business, boost your blog, or enhance your career.

How our personal brand audit works

Online Assessment

We'll scour the internet to uncover content that's keep you from enjoying the professional success you deserve. This goes far beyond Google. We'll dig into your social media, check for old content and images, review comments, and uncover any negative content.

Clean Up

It's not always easy to remove negative content once you uncover its existence. No worries. We'll help you remove the bad stuff so employers, clients, and others who matter never see it. We'll keep your reputation and your personal brand squeaky clean.


Once your presence is cleaned up, we'll continue to be there to answer questions and provide you with insights showing the positive impact of how your brand shows up after the clean up.

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