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What is Pinterest, and What Can Businesses Do With It?

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Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform that allows users to save and organize images and videos they find on the web into virtual boards.

Businesses can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, promote their products or services, and show off the personality of their brand.

They can make boards to show off their products, share content from behind-the-scenes, and work with influencers. They can also use promoted pins to reach a wider audience.

Pinterest has provided businesses with the possibility of creating specific accounts for their businesses. It’s time to forget about Pinterest as a private playground for fashionistas and cooks. Pinterest is an essential element in your B2C or B2B marketing strategy.

How to Set Up a Business Account

There are two methods to create a business account on Pinterest. If you’ve already used Pinterest for your company, it is easy to change your account’s settings or set up the account from scratch.

Converting Your Personal Account to a Business Account

To change your personal account into one for business use, log into your Pinterest account, and then go to Pinterest for Business. Pinterest has been added to the Business category. You will be able to see an orange button that will transform your personal account into a company account.

When you click this button, you’ll be directed to the section where you’ll be able to change the current Pinterest account information.

In the beginning, you’ll need to select the type of business you want to use. After that, you’ll fill in additional details like your business name and contact name. Additionally, you will be able to modify your “about” information as well as your website.

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What Are Pinterest Boards?

Boards that provide details about your company, what you offer, where you’re located, what information people need to know about you, and how to pick the best products or services you provide, will aid people who are interested Pinterest users quickly.

Pinterest lets you upload and save, sort, and organize photos, images, video, graphics, and and other visual content in the form of “Pins” to collections referred to as “boards.” As a user, you are able to explore the other members’ “boards” for content that you like, or “Pin” it.”

How to Make the Best Pinterest Boards for Your Business

Do you want to improve the image of your business by making the best Pinterest boards? You should consider it. Pinterest is a powerful tool to boost blog traffic and even sales! This is because pinners are constantly looking for information, ideas, and products.

Users of Pinterest are both consumers and buyers. If your company doesn’t use Pinterest or you haven’t improved your Pinterest account to promote your business, you’re missing out. Make sure you have the right boards today with this Ultimate Guide for Pinterest Boards.

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Pinterest Marketing Tips

  • Pin more often.
  • Apply for Rich Pins
  • Create images of the correct size
  • Make use of multiple images within the pin.
  •  Keyword-rich boards
  • Check your Pinterest stats regularly

1. Pin More Often.

Perhaps the most important improvement we’ve made in our Pinterest involvement in the last few months is to make sure we pin more often. We’ve gone from pinning just once or twice per day to pin five times per day. In the end, we’ve witnessed 150 percent more activity in Pinterest.

2. Apply for Rich Pins

Rich Pinterest is a no-cost Pinterest feature that is designed to give more details and more information about the pins themselves

There are five kinds of pins that are rich:

  • Article pins contain the headline and description of the story, as well as the author and the link
  • The product pins are updated in real-time with prices, availability, and where to purchase
  • Recipe pins are a collection of ingredients, cooking time, and serving information
  • Film pins contain reviews, ratings of cast members, as well as reviews
  • Place pins have an address, a phone number, and map

3. Create images of the Correct Size

The ideal aspect ratio of Pinterest photos is either 2:3 or 1:3.5 and the minimum width is 600 pixels.

4. Make use of multiple images within the pin.

Have you noticed prominent posts from Pinterest that appear to have been made up of mosaics?

This strategy of using multiple images is one that has been employed to great effect with DIY articles and tutorials. It is a matter of combining several images together to make one image that can be saved to pin.

5. Keyword-rich boards

Particularly in the case of keywords, they are believed to be beneficial when creating boards of your blog posts. For instance , you could include words such as “Amazon experts,” “marketing ,” and “walmart seo” on a board of blog posts. The public can locate your blog posts much more easily when the board is optimized using words and keywords you typically blog about.

6. Check your Pinterest stats regularly

Check your Pinterest statistics often to find out how many pins are on your website and how well they are doing.

Elements of the Best Pinterest Profile

1. Beautiful Images: The Visual Element

Pinterest is an incredibly visual social media platform that is visually stunning. It’s not just about sharing and pinning old pictures; you’re also curating photos that convey an idea, a desire, or an emotion. Nothing can derail that type of feeling quicker than a photograph that isn’t high-quality, has an unsuitable aspect ratio, or is cropped badly. Your fans aren’t looking for boring images to pin, they’re looking for captivating images that convey something more than words.

2.Consistent Pinning: The Timing Element

The top-performing Pinterest profiles all have one thing in common: they pin new content frequently and schedule their posts around when their followers are most active. It could be simpler to publish at night and enjoy some time to relax after a hectic and tiring day. If your users are night-owls, or in an area with a different time zone this is probably not the ideal time to contact them.

3. Descriptions: The Contextual Elements

Images are more important than the words you can find on Pinterest. However, text plays an important role in the success of the profile. When users are searching to find the pins that are most pertinent, they type in the words to locate them. The descriptions of your profile page, your cinematic pins, and your boards must be rich in keywords and give context to the type of content you publish.

4. Rich Pins: The Special Element

When Pinterest is trying out new features, it will need an outside way to judge how well these features work. Rich pins can be a great illustration. Is this the app pin you’ve shared for creating new downloads? Are your article pins bringing you new customers? Does there exist any correlation between your product’s PIN and your website’s conversion rate? With the introduction of new or buyable pins in the pipeline, understanding what does what is more crucial than ever before.


Pinterest is a great platform for increasing sales and traffic for your business—you just need to know how to create and use your Pinterest business account effectively.

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  1. Good points here Minhas. I like how Pinterest offers bloggers and business owners a simple medium for sharing value and driving traffic. The leg work is not quite as heavy as other platforms although researching the details closely takes some time and study. Pinterest is quite different than any other site in most regards.


  2. Hey Minhas!
    A good thorough read!

    I have a blog and have seen many bloggers around me gain huge success through Pinterest. Apart from Twitter, I am also sticking to Pinterest (started recently) for promoting my content.

    Doing proper keyword research is the key on Pinterest, as I gather.

    Hope to see some results.

    Thanks for the post. It was really helpful.

    Ali from Infoverses

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