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The Impact of Blogging on SEO for Your Business To Grow

Impact of Blogging on SEO

Impact of Blogging on SEO
So many small businesses don’t understand the benefits and impact of blogging on SEO. They think it’s for those that love to write. And they don’t understand the SEO factor. After all, who can blame them?  It’s not something small business owners put down on their to-do lists. (But maybe it should be on that list!)

SEO is not something you can really see, taste, or smell. But somehow you will have to know it’s there or not. It’s an invisible marketing juice. SEO is what makes people find your small business online quickly and easily.

Your customers or potential leads don’t always have to be on social media. They often simply find your small business when they are searching for information online.

What is a Blog?

Many small business owners don’t understand what a blog on their website is. It is really like having your own news source for your website. You can share articles that answer customers’ questions or talk about new products.

The blog can share the features of your product and what pain points it can cure for clients.  

Be sure that your blog is for your clients. Don’t make it just about you as I see some companies do. They brag about their awards and such. This is ok to do, and I actually recommend it, but make sure most of your content is useful. A blog should be helpful when people are searching online for answers.

Linking to Products from Your Blog

Yes, you may link to products from blog posts that speak specifically about a product.  That’s another way you can help sell more products or services from your website. However, do be careful not to be salesy in your blog content.

There is nothing worse than pushing products or services in every line you write!

Generating an Email List

Email marketing is a powerful way to grow your business. You can generate an email list from your blog posts. Ask people to subscribe to it for more information. This is a great way to build your list and not have to rely on any other social network for your leads.

Not only that but you can send out emails that will excite your readers to open!

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Mentioning Others in Your Blog Posts

If you work with other businesses or purchase from them, you may want to mention them in your blog post. This way they will more likely share your blog with their readers, doubling your own efforts!  

Check out these top-notch marketers/bloggers as shining examples of the powering of mentioning others in your content:

Ryan BiddulphBlogging From Paradise

Sue-Ann Bubacz Write Mix for Business

Chayan ChakrabartiSimple Facts Online

Not only does follow their lead help you make friends online and expand your reach, but it also builds up your credibility along the way.

How Does SEO Work for Your Blog?

Every time you update with a new blog post, the search engines are pinged and know that you have an update. It helps the SEO juice, and the more you do it, usually the better.

However, do note that not all readers can keep up if you publish daily or more than once or twice a week. Be careful if you offer push notifications on the blog if you update often.

That could backfire on you! 

Another way that SEO works for you is that the more your internal links in your blog to your products or services throughout your website, it helps lift your website’s SEO. Google especially loves internal links when done correctly.

However, do not link to just link! Links must be relevant to the content they are going to. And links make your readers stay longer as they ultimately click around and consume more content you direct them to via the internal links.

In fact, here’s an internal link for you right now!

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Your Bounce Rate‘s Impact of Blogging on SEO

Another factor is that the longer people stick around your website, the more your bounce rate will drop. That helps lift your SEO as well!  Are you beginning to see the picture clearer?

Having a blog on your website really can make a difference and help your SEO organically improve. No need to spend thousands of dollars on Google ads.

Recently, Search Engine Journal wrote how Google ads are no longer viable for small businesses. At a price of thousands per month, many small businesses can no longer afford Google ads.

What if You Don’t Have Time to Write for Your Blog?

Many business owners don’t have the time to write for their own blogs. You can hire someone to help you with that.

There are many blog writers out there that love to write for others and get paid along the way. Just make sure they’re using Grammarly as you don’t want content ridden with grammatical errors living on your blog.

Blogging is also an investment in your business. It will be cheaper than those Google ads or wasted Facebook ads. The impact of blogging on SEO cannot be understated. We live in an increasingly digital world, requiring strong digital marketing strategies. When people are searching for answers online and your blog comes up to answer their questions = it’s priceless!

When that happens, it is called ORGANIC SEO, you don’t pay for ads but you pay with your time to work on the blog posts. And each post must be done with search engine optimization in mind.

Your Turn on The Impact of Blogging on SEO for Your Business

Do you blog often for your business to grow online? We’d love to hear from you on how your blogging is coming along for your business website.

7 Responses

  1. Lisa, thanks so much for the mention. Noting other bloggers in your blog posts simply builds bonds which lead to so many sweet blogging benefits. One among them being more SEO juice.


    1. Thanks for stopping by to check out Lisa’s post, Ryan! Building your blogging network is hugely important. Not to mention, it’s great to make connections, new friends, and help one another grow. And along with all that comes the SEO juice you mention!

    2. Hello Ryan, you are most welcome. Yes, those that you bond with online will most likely send links your way 🙂 Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment here. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. Hello Lisa and Anthony, How are you?

    Linking to products/services from blog articles is an excellent tactic a business can do to grow. While you help prospects with helpful content, you can drive them to take a look at your offerings at once.

    Attaching a blog to a business website can be helpful in many ways; traffic, authority, leads, sharing news, SEO impact, and more. It not only helps to gain new customers but also retain existing ones. I love blogging!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Mudassir. That’s so true. Some businesses shy away from adding a CTA in their blog content. I think it’s perfectly fine. In fact, you miss out on lots of opportunities if you don’t.

      It’s all about how you add it in. Maybe a graphic block with a CTA midway through (related to the topic and linking to a service or a download). Or at the end after they person has read through the content. Be sure to keep the content mostly informative and valuable, but it certainly is important to find ways to leverage your content to drive actually business.

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