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Trends Transforming the Information Technology Space

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Because of the enormous amount of potential, the information technology space is witnessing a boom like never before, and more and more firms are eager to move deeper into this field. Information technology has a wide range of uses, which is why it has proven to be such an important part of the overall structure of today’s businesses. With the increasing relevance of this, it is critical to comprehend the essential characteristics of the sector and the fundamental components that make it the innovative instrument that it is.

To help your business thrive in this increasingly digital world, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top information technology trends you need to be on top of to remain competitive. Let’s take a look.

Why do you need to be on top of the trends in Information Technology?

IT support and staying on top of the latest information technology trends is very important for every organization. It is an industry in which new trends occur quite often. Knowing about these trends and understanding the impact they could have on your business may help you improve your professional status and grasp what the possible improvements are for the industry you are presently working in, regardless of what career you are in. Information technology has infiltrated all spaces. From digital marketing to banking, to the hospitality industry, virtually every industry relies on information technology to improve efficiencies, protect data, and enhance business operations.

Now that you understand why you need to stay up-to-date on the latest information technology trends for your business, let’s look at the 10 top trends you need to know.

Computing on the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the most significant trends to emerge in the last few years. More and more sectors are understanding that having a dedicated location for all of a company’s digital information and resources is critical, and having a well-protected location that can handle everything and keep the information safe has virtually become a necessity as opposed to a “nice to have”. Cloud computing is the go-to solution for businesses looking to optimize and streamline their operations in the digital realm.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Cloud Computing is essentially the storage of data and the ability to access that data and other computer programs over the Internet rather than physically storing them on a drive. Cloud Computing has led to tons of efficiencies for businesses and continues to gain more and more in popularity.

Apps for mobile devices

Over the last several years, mobile applications have only risen in popularity, and this year, they’re showing up in bigger and better ways. Brands and industries all around the globe are attempting to find methods to improve operations and business results by utilizing mobile applications and implementing new tools that make working on the move more productive.

Team collaboration, project management, content creation, social media management, and so many other tasks are now able to be handled via apps on your mobile device. This allows us to be more productive, as even something like traveling on an airplane is no longer a barrier to productivity. Take a look at this video about the Slack mobile app. Slack is a great way for teams to keep in touch and keep projects rolling. Apps like Slack are becoming more and more popular and are insanely useful.

Analytics of Big Data

Big data analytics is a trend that has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it is currently being used in practically every business that relies on large-scale production processes, manufacturing, or supply. Big data analytics enables companies to better digest their information and have a better grasp of the areas in which they need to improve. You can now assess any process or activity in your business.

The insights companies gain from leveraging big data allow them to improve efficiencies, speed things up, boost communication, and enhance the ability to drive revenue growth.

Automated systems

Automation is a trend that has affected manufacturing and production units, and it is expected to continue to increase in the future years. Automation has also allowed processes to run more quickly, allowing businesses to achieve their objectives more quickly. Machines are now able to take on a number of tasks traditionally performed by people.

That said, the above statement focuses on automating physical processes, but there are also digital processes that can now be automated. Jasper AI, for example, helps copywriters create content more quickly and efficiently. Email marketing also benefits from automation, allowing marketers to set up automation functions so the target audience members receive specific communications at the right time based on certain actions and occurrences.

Here’s a great video from the folks at HubSpot showing how you can master email marketing by automating various processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is now beginning to gain a serious foothold across a variety of industries, as automation grows. Several new artificial intelligence media have been introduced in the last year. This year, industries are seeking methods to expand these resources and put their ideas into action. Artificial intelligence is currently being used on a bigger scale, and this trend is expected to continue in the future years.

Remember those old sci-fi movies that warned us about the robot revolution? Well, that revolution is here. There are so many applications for AI. Just to name a few:

  • Smart speakers
  • Manufacturing robots
  • Self-driving cars
  • Text editors
  • Maps and navigation
  • Chatbots

These are just a handful of the many applications of AI. This trend will continue to grow, and it should be interesting to see where it takes us as a society.

Image: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” – Source

Smart technology

Even in small-scale units and smaller implementations, smart devices that employ artificial intelligence or automation are on the increase. As a result of smart technology being utilized and chosen in houses, homes are getting smarter. Simple technologies like Alexa have become indispensable in many households, and this trend is expected to continue in the next year.

Marketers are having to account for these new trends. Smart speakers, for example, have changed the way we look at developing content and executing SEO. Looking at SEO specifically, people are no longer conducting just simple searches online. They’re now speaking into smart devices in a more semantic tone, making it important to account for these new searches in your SEO efforts.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The gaming business has always grown in tandem with advances in information technology, and virtual reality has taken this a step further by providing users with the ultimate digital experience. Virtual reality gaming has already begun to gain popularity as a result of new technology that boosts the industry’s growth potential.

VR is also impacting a number of other industries. For example, healthcare has really grabbed on to the power of VR. Here’s a quick video showing the applications of VR in healthcare.

Augmented Reality

Individuals now have access to augmented reality, which is another way to ‘manufacture experiences.’ The field’s ability to develop has enhanced as a result of this. Outside of the game business, augmented reality is gaining traction and is being used more frequently than virtual reality.

Pokemon Go, for example, had people chasing their favorite Pokemon characters across parks, through historic buildings, across school grounds, in malls, and basically anywhere a Pikachu could hang out.

Data from the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency may have reached all-time highs in 2017 and 2018, but the truth remains that there is still a lot of room for growth. Blockchain technology is only now gaining traction, and companies all over the world are adopting it for its many benefits.

While there is still skepticism, this trend is clearly here to stay. It’s best to stay on top of it so you aren’t left behind in case the current trends of growth continue.


The potential hazards that individuals may encounter are only increasing as digital media and technology advance. As a result, cybersecurity has had to expand significantly over the last few years just to keep up with the current rate of growth. The necessity of investing in cybersecurity is recognized by industries all over the world, which is why the area is growing at such a rapid

Wrapping it up

To sum it all up, if your business isn’t staying on top of the latest trends in the information technology space, you’re setting up for failure.

Technology is changing too rapidly to ignore it any longer. Businesses that refuse to jump on board will be left behind.

Dig into these trends we’ve laid out throughout the article, and look at how you can apply them in your business. You’ll find tons of ways to improve your operations and achieve significant growth.

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