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Why Should You Begin Blogger Outreach with a Handout?

blogging outreach handouts

I love beginning the blogger outreach process with a hand out.

Reaching out with a handout makes one shine in a world of bloggers hellbent on getting free handouts at every turn.

Handing out some form of blogging help without begging for anything in return expresses a genuine interest in a fellow human being.

How radical – and attractive – does this approach seem in a world of bloggers who want to squeeze something out of someone via every interaction?

Veteran bloggers know how this goes. Observe your email inbox.

Believe it or not, I do not check my email save once every few months. First off, I do virtually everything through my blog comments and social media as far as points of contact. Secondly, I wrote off email many years ago because almost everyone who used the medium tried to squeeze something out of me.

Guest post pitches, sponsored post pitches, collaborative pitches, link pitches and pitches to goad me to give my blogging courses and blogging eBooks away for free to individuals littered my email inbox.

Why would I spend hours trying to reason with people who wanted to use me for their benefit?

Why would I try to collaborate with bloggers who wanted to get something from me then kick me to the curb?

My peace of mind expanded the moment I decided to scan email every few months.

That peace further mushroomed as I committed more deeply to reaching out to bloggers with handouts.

Everyone Can Ask But You Will Learn a Valuable Lesson

Hey guys; everyone can ask for help if they wish. 

But you quickly learn a clear truth in the blog-o-sphere; bloggers who ask for freebies endlessly seem to disappear quickly, being ignored, looked past or flat out blocked.

Neediness repels. 

Being generous draws people to you in organic fashion.

This is why it makes perfect sense to begin your blogger outreach campaign with a handout.

Reach Out with Generous Help

Handing out a Retweet, Facebook Share, LinkedIn share or comment forms a bridge between me and my fellow bloggers. Being generous simply makes you attractive. Generous bloggers stand out in a world of bloggers looking solely out for A1. 

I get it; being inward-focused seems common to most bloggers. You and I tend to be raised in a competitive-conscious, self-centered culture where taking care of others comes after taking care of yourself.

Handpicked Content Recommendation: Do You Need to Add or Subtract From Your Blog?

Embodying this attitude destroys your blogger outreach campaign because reaching out *for* a handout repels most bloggers. Bloggers already gave 1000’s of blogging hours to offering free handouts; it’s called “valuable free blog content.” 

Asking for more seems to be greedy, piggish and a bit selfish to most bloggers on the receiving end of pitches.

Everyone loves a free giver. Generous bloggers become outreach pros because the easiest way to make friends is by helping bloggers freely on your first contact.

Blogging services to grow your business

I meet many new bloggers through a ridiculously easy method: I share their content on social media. How much effort does it take to tap a “Retweet” button? How hard is it to share a post on Facebook? 

Sharing content literally consumes a split second of your time.

Does the Price of Being Generous Seem Too Great?

Does that sound like too harsh a price to pay for a potential long term, collaborative blogging relationship?

Two bloggers who reach out with generous hand outs become blogger outreach pros in a world of bloggers begging for handouts. 

One quick scan of the average blogger email inbox reveals bloggers desperately asking for handouts. Bloggers want backlinks and guest posts. But how effectively do you reach out looking for a hand out? Few bloggers score after looking for handouts. 

Freebie-seekers seem to repel generous, posturing, professional bloggers who built their career on an abundant, free giving strategy.

Bloggers tend to avoid fellow bloggers asking for handouts because pros built large, loyal networks generously serving these pros on a daily basis. Influential bloggers do outreach the right way. Give freely to receive easily. Never look for handouts through your first interaction. 

Reach out with a hand out. Help fellow bloggers generously for a while. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return.  Be patient. Be persistent.

Eventually, bloggers gravitate toward you based on your generosity, skills and genuine nature. Earn their trust. Gain their seal of approval. 

Blogging Authentically

I appreciate generous, authentic bloggers who help me freely without looking for anything in return. Most bloggers do; you and I appreciate free givers who express an interest in people, not solely in what people can do for them.

Think outwardly to do blogger outreach the right way. Ponder how you can help bloggers. Do not ask for anything in return. Conditional giving sets off alarms. 

Pro bloggers know darn well when someone attempts to use them for their name, platform, brand or high traffic blog. 

Give to serve. Help to earn the trust of your fellow blogger. 

Blogging does not need to be a struggle. Outreach never needs to be a nightmare. Be generous, authentic and persistent to engage in a successful blogger outreach campaign.

Reach out with a handout.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Blogger outreach is a great way to connect with fellow bloggers. It definitely helps to build good networking. I always prefer to connect with fellow bloggers and you are a pro in connecting with other bloggers. Keep inspiring Man.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Ryan is indeed a pro, and a shining example to follow. It’s so important to reach out, connect, and make friends in this blogging world. When we all work together, we all grow.

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