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Why Would Someone Read Your Blog?

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One question sits smack dab in the middle of most – if not all – new blogger’s minds:

“Why would anyone read your blog?”

What would motivate someone to follow a blog run by a green newbie?

Millions of bloggers publish blog posts daily. Why would anyone read your blog amid this sea of blog content?

People read blogs based on a few clear reasons.

Following the steps below inspires people to read your blog diligently.

Beginner bloggers who slowly but surely thrive do these things to grow their blogging community one reader at a time.

Practice Writing Diligently

Write 500 words daily offline to gain blogging confidence.

Writing offline gives you clarity. 

Feeling clear gives you confidence when you sit down to write and publish blog posts.

People follow new bloggers who write skillfully. Practicing your writing is the simplest way to write skillfully.

Avoid attempting to write and publish blog posts daily because maintaining an ambitious new blogger publishing schedule almost always results in low quality work.

Practice in private. Shine in public.

Publish a new post every 1-2 weeks.

Deliver high quality content by reducing blog post frequency.

Motivate people to read your blog by honing your writing skills.

Tell Your Story in Your Voice

Your one-of-a-kind story distances you from the blogging crowd.

Sharing your story in your genuine writing voice influences readers to flock to your blog.

Add personal experiences to blog posts. Everyone appears to live a different human tale with varied stories. Share these vignettes to make your blog stand out in a world of bloggers who publish plain, 3rd person accounts of the same old topics.

Writing frequently hammers out your blogging voice; stick to tip #1 to find your voice.

Be transparent. Readers crave bloggers who open their hearts for the world to see.

Telling your genuine story levels the blogging playing field for you.

Beginner bloggers usually resist telling personal stories. Why would anyone care about your private experiences?

8 billion people inhabit planet earth. If you went through some personal experience then millions of people had similar experiences.

Access this resonance factor to goad people to read your blog.

Humans love connecting with like-minded people to form tight-knit communities.

Make Blogging Friends

Connected bloggers sprint ahead of blogging lone wolves.

Blogging friends read your blog closely because buddies who appreciate your generosity, trust your content and love your work become loyal readers.

Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Promote fellow bloggers through your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook handles. Link to blogs through your blog posts. 

Ask for nothing in return.

Earn trust by serving bloggers.

Trusting bloggers become loyal friends who read every one of your blog posts.

Train Your Mind to Overcome Common Mental Blocks

Anyone who runs a new blog faces mental blocks.

Doubt cripples most newbies. Even veteran bloggers embarking on a new blog journey worry a bit about gaining traction during the infant stages of the blog.

Train your mind to face, feel and overcome common fears suffered by bloggers.

Develop the skill of moving through uncomfortable fears instead of cowering from the emotions.

For example, many new bloggers fear guest blogging for the scarcity-induced fear of “giving away their best work and losing out to a blogging competitor”. The poverty conscious thinking goes like this: your competitors profit from your guest blogging work and you get nothing in return.

As these bloggers struggle, fail and quit, bloggers who conquered this fear become successful through the power of collaboration.

Anthony and I happily collaborate to amplify our collective success because we both know how the most powerful entrepreneurs on earth collaborate freely. Two is better than one.

Guest blogging drives blog traffic via the power of association. Readers who trust bloggers tend to trust guest bloggers through the concept of referral marketing. If a blogger you trust accepts a guest post you tend to trust that guest blogger through association.

Meanwhile, bloggers whose minds seem weakened by fear vanish into online obscurity because they never defeated the silly fear that a blogger can actually take something from you in a universe of abundance.

Travel within daily. Give yourself 10-20 minutes to observe your mind. Become aware of blogging fears present in your belief system. Face, feel and forgive these fears to become strong-minded.

Honing your mental tools smashes mental blocks.

Dissolving mental blocks helps you “be” the blogger who inspires people to read your blog.


Blogging seems tough enough already for all beginners.

Allowing your doubts to pile up renders you helpless, sooner than later.

Follow these steps closely.

Give people a compelling reason to read your blog by earning the right to their attention span.

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